Ockbrook School regards the moral and spiritual development of its students
as central in preparing them to be responsible and fulfilled members of

The following are considered to be of importance for all members of the
Ockbrook community:
-A growing sense of responsibility for one’s own actions
-Commitment to the well-being of others in the wider community
-Respect and appreciation for the natural world and our impact upon it
-Choosing generosity rather than selfishness and a rejection of unkindness,
cruelty and bullying
-A mature sense of self-confidence and self-worth, with a disposition to
humility rather than arrogance
-Honesty and the development of personal integrity
-Respect for the diversity of beliefs and customs and rejection of all forms of
prejudice on the basis of race, gender, class, sexual orientation, religion or
-A recognition that spiritual beliefs, moral values can give direction, shape and
meaning to an individual’s life
-A readiness to look beyond materialism
-A growing maturity in response to the experiences of suffering which human
life naturally presents: anxiety, stress, illness, divorce, loss, death
-An understanding of what supports happiness and well-being.

The school’s role in the moral and spiritual development of pupils cannot be
seen in isolation. Parents and family, activities and commitments outside
School, and in some cases involvement in a religious faith will contribute to a
young person’s development. Ockbrook School is thoroughly committed to its
role in this partnership.


In consultation with the Head Teacher, Head of Primary, Deputy Head
Teachers and Head of Key Stages, all members of staff have a
responsibility for pastoral care of pupils.  The Form Tutor provides the
primary care for her/his Form. It is the Tutor who supports and monitors
the pupils on a daily basis. The Tutor works closely with other staff,
Head of Primary, Deputy Head Teachers and Head of Key Stages to provide
a consistent academic and pastoral support system for the pupils. In the
Boarding Houses the Head of Boarding and House staff have the day to day
responsibility for the pastoral care of Boarders with the support of the
Deputy Head Teacher. The House staff work in close liaison with the
Headmaster, Head of Primary, Deputy Head Teachers and Head of Key Stages
to ensure continuity of support.

The Head Teacher holds daily meetings with the Deputy Head of Ockbrook.
Pastoral policy and pastoral provision are discussed, as are individuals
and groups causing concern.

Staff are encouraged to keep the Tutor informed of pupils causing concern
and requiring support, this information is shared with the Head Teacher,
Head of Primary, Deputy Head Teachers and Head of Key Stages by means of
the Pupil Report, email or hard copy, to ensure an informed approach to
any difficulty and to provide guidance and support for staff.  Pupils
Reports must be completed by the relevant member of staff on the day
the situation/concern/issue arises.

Parents are kept fully informed and involved in individual cases as
appropriate. Confidentiality is considered to be important and where
this is appropriate staff are kept informed on a need to know basis.

Pastoral work endorses the Ockbrook School policies on Behaviour,
Anti-Bullying, Sex Education and Equal Opportunities (see separate
policy statements NB this list is not exclusive).