Primary pupils enter Key Stage Two in the September following their seventh birthday. Our Year 3 classes make the exciting move to the Grange to join Years 4, 5 and 6. The Grange is a beautiful listed building situated at the heart of our extensive campus and located close to our comprehensive Senior School facilities.

“I have two children who have attended Ockbrook since they were two years of age. Both are now in KS2 and I have seen their academic and creative skills develop throughout their time at Ockbrook. They have grown into confident, independent learners who love coming to school. The range of activities they experience is extensive and they are always keen to join in with the wide variety of extra curricular opportunities that are available.”

Parent of children in KS2 age 8



Focusing on the Individual

We adopt personalised learning strategies throughout Primary School,
recognising and valuing all pupils for their own individual qualities and

We channel learning appropriate to each pupil. Those that excel are
extended through a range of more challenging activities. Other pupils may
require further support with learning, so we focus on their individual needs,
providing a support programme, as and when required.

Regardless of ability, we treat all pupils as equals and individuals. The class
teachers generally take the lead in the core subjects, whilst other subjects such
as Music, French, Drama, PE, Digital Learning and Food Technology are taught
by specialist staff.

Monitoring Progress

Maintaining a close eye on the progress of each pupil forms the basis of
reporting and information sharing with parents/guardians, who are actively
encouraged to share in this process.

Class teachers build strong, positive relationships with parents and we
welcome parents to formally discuss their children’s progress at Parents’
Meetings, which are held three times a year.

Additional appointments to speak with teachers or the Headmaster can be
made as and when they are required. Achievement and Effort reports
are sent to parents every half-term, with a full report for each child written
during the Summer term.

Rewarding Success

We encourage and reward good behaviour, attitudes and exemplary work by
praise, privilege and goods and stars. These are achieved individually and
combine towards a termly House total for one of our three School Houses –
Budowa, Cennick and Comenius. We believe pupils respond positively to this
form of recognition and that it prepares them for life beyond school.





Our Television Room is available from 8.00, if an early drop off is required, which is
supervised by a member of staff until the children are collected and taken to
the Grange at 8.15 am – this is offered at no additional cost.


Bell for registration









12.25pm, 12.30pm, 12.35pm

Years 3 – 6 go over to the Dining Hall in House groups at the appropriate time
of 12.25pm, 12.30pm or 12.35pm. Each House goes at a different time each
week as a rota is in place. It is expected that pupils walk across to the Dining
Hall sensibly and eat their lunch in a reasonably quiet fashion.

Our Dining Hall is a light, well decorated, cheerful room and the catering staff
are friendly and helpful. There is always a choice of lunch available and the
menu is on display outside the Dining Hall, in the Grange and in the Mount.

We expect pupils to choose their own balanced meal. After lunch if pupils are
not involved in a club activity then they can have time to play on the
playground, patio or lawned areas.






Our Television Room is available for children who are being collected between this
time – this is offered at no additional cost.


After School Care – If you needed to collect your child after 4pm we have a
Tea Time Club, which is supervised by staff in the Mount. A short period of play
follows, usually outside on the playground and then pupils have tea of rolls,
biscuit/cake, fruit and a drink. The Year 3-6 pupils then go to start their
homework tasks; a teacher is available for supervision and help.

After School Care is charged in addition to the school fees.



All Key Stage 2 pupils have class music lessons and recorder lessons each week
(Years 2 – 5) and it is expected pupils will practice their recorder during the week.

If a pupil wants to learn another instrument we recommend at least a term’s
lessons (several music shops offer good deals for a term’s rental on

For instruments other than piano, pupils are required to provide an
instrument for lessons and also for pupils to practice at home.

Music lessons available in School:
Violin, Saxophone, Clarinet, French Horn, Flute, Oboe, Piano, Trumpet, Guitar,
Singing, Harp





In addition to the array of extra-curricular clubs on offer and instrumental
lessons which are available, we also run Speech and Drama lessons. These
are a series of ten lessons per term and are a fantastic way of developing
children’s speech, confidence and presentation skills.

There are also opportunities for children to perform in school functions, as
well as work towards LAMDA Examinations.