At Ockbrook School, we provide an enormous variety of extra-curricular
activities in order to develop a diverse range of life skills. We feel that our
students should feel rewarded in their endeavours outside the academic
curriculum, and so our extra-curricular activities are designed to challenge,
to stimulate and to develop.

Clubs and societies range from Debating Society to the Duke of Edinburgh’s
award, from Photography club to Young Enterprise, and many more.

The school also takes a keen interest in sport and music, and the school’s
house system encourages competitive thinking in a friendly environment. All
the extra-curricular activities available to our students are provided as a way
of improving the quality of their experience at Ockbrook School, and are
designed to equip them with the life skills they will value and take forward
into their future endeavours.




All students throughout the Senior Department are encouraged to participate
in Art Club and are urged to try everything at least once. Students have the
chance to complete personal projects, such as an activity for Christmas or
Mother’s Day or they can use the club as an opportunity to complete a task
for a form activity.

Art Club is also offered as an opportunity for students to work alongside each
other in a lively and dynamic environment, developing their skills in team
work and improving their confidence and social skills. Students can seek
individual support and extra guidance with class or homework tasks and often
attend regularly to extend their coursework for their GCSE or A Level
examination work.

Above all, participation in this extra-curricular activity gives students the
opportunity to experience and explore a new interest, which they may not
ordinarily have had the chance to pursue in lessons.



The Drama department invite audiences to various performances
throughout the year. Full scale musicals such as ‘Annie’ and ‘Wizard
of Oz’ have utilised the skills of the school orchestra and often involve
primary school students too. School plays are usually smaller-scale,
and students work within similar year groups. We take work to the
Derby Arts Festival and Derby Theatre (as part of the National
Theatre Connections programme) to compete and perform on a
professional stage. Our GCSE and A level performance work is also
shared with family and friends as part of public evening performances.

Older students have worked as assistant directors for school shows
in the past, and all students are welcome to be a part of the
backstage team, working on the lighting desk or as a stage manager,
for example.

Students can study for and take public examinations in Verse and Prose,
Reading for Performance and Acting, as examined by the prestigious
London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA).

Our results are consistently outstanding, and our candidates achieve
Distinction and Merit awards at all levels. Most students continue these
exams right through until grade eight (The Gold Medals), therefore
gaining useful UCAS points before they even finish their A levels.




The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is available to students in school from Year 9.
It is “a voluntary non-competitive programme of practical, cultural and
adventurous activities designed to support the social development of young
people aged 14-25”. It offers an individual challenge and encourages young
people to undertake exciting, constructive, challenging and enjoyable

There are three separate Awards – Bronze, Silver and Gold with different
minimum starting ages and periods of participation. At each level there are
four sections:

Volunteering – to encourage service to individuals and the community
Skills – to encourage the discovery and development of personal interests and
social and practical skills
Physical Recreation – to encourage participation and improvement in physical
Expeditions – to encourage a spirit of adventure and discovery.





We are very proud of our musical traditions at Ockbrook School. A good proportion of our students take individual instrumental and singing lessons within school.  These are taught by our team of six specialist staff.

There are may opportunities to make music with others at lunchtimes and after school. This includes:
-Senior Orchestra
-Senior Choir
-Chamber Choir (by audition)
-Flute Groups
-Elastic Band
-Music Theory Club.



Our overseas expeditions started in 2002 when students from Year 11 and the
Sixth Form went to Belize, Central America. This was followed by equally
successful expeditions to Uganda (2004), Ecuador (2006), Botswana and
Zambia (2008), Borneo (2010) and India (2012).

Each four week expedition precedes an 18 months of preparation and planning
by all team members, which involves raising funds to take part as well as
researching and planning the itinerary. The expeditions involve several phases
including a challenging trek and a conservation or community project. Whilst
on the expedition, team members develop their leadership and teamwork
skills by taking it in turns to lead the group, as well as rotating other roles,
for example taking responsibility for organising the transport, food or



In the Senior Department sports clubs and teams run throughout Years 7 – 13.
Cricket, netball, hockey, athletics, tennis, rounders, cross country, football and
dance are just a selection of activities offered by our expert staff at lunchtimes
and afterschool.

The PE department organises a bi-annual skiing trip; in the past we have
visited Jasper, Banff, Lake Louise, Stowe (USA) and Austria.



Young Enterprise is the United Kingdom’s largest business and enterprise
education charity. Young Enterprise’s mission statement is “to inspire and
equip young people to learn and succeed through enterprise.” Its guiding
principle is to do this through “learning by doing”.

Latest independent research from Kingston University Business School in 2012
found that alumni of Young Enterprise Company and Start-up programmes
were almost twice as likely to set up businesses later in life.

Our students learn what it’s like to run a smal business. They take part in an
eye opening experience as they take on the role of a small business, sharing
the real-life experiences of a volunteer from a local company. Our
student businesses have enjoyed considerable success, winning local and
regional heats, as well as competing at a national level.