Our Television Room is available from 08.00, if an early drop off is required, which is supervised by a member of staff until the children are collected and taken to their classrooms at 08.15 – this is offered at no additional cost to pupils who have siblings in the school or are staying for a full day.


Morning Session


Lunch time & Afternoon Session


Our Television Room is available for children who are being collected between this time – this is offered at no additional cost.


After School Care – If you need to collect your child after 4pm we have a Tea Time Club, which is supervised by staff. Tea is available and activities are planned for the children in which they may participate once they have eaten their tea. After School Care is charged in addition to the school fees.



When pupils arrive at school they are encouraged to find their own named peg and hang up their coat. Pupils with parents/carers, then go into Nursery to find their name and peg it onto our name board. Children then wave good bye before choosing their first exciting activity. School starts at 8.40am.

Morning Session

A drink of milk or water is provided mid-morning and children have some prepared fruit provided by the school, or bring in an item of fruit from home.
Playtime follows. Children who stay all day also have a snack and a drink during the afternoon. After playtime, integrated Nursery activities are undertaken back inside the Nursery areas. Story time follows. The morning session finishes at 11.45am. Morning only children are collected from the main door entrance at the Mount.


A two course meal is provided at midday. The menu is on the wall of the conservatory and on the cloakroom notice board and special dietary requirements can be catered for upon request. All Early Years pupils are encouraged to use a knife and fork and the Daisy Room children are given bibs to wear. After lunch, the children play outside in the enclosed Nursery play area supervised by Nursery staff. This is an opportunity for the children to enjoy the fresh air in a safe and secure manner. Here they have the opportunity to play and do activities which cover all areas of development within the EYFS.

Afternoon Session

The afternoon session commences at 12.15pm until 3.15pm. A variety of Nursery activities, plus a story, are undertaken. At 3.15pm, Nursery children
are escorted to the gate and are ‘handed over’ individually to the adult collecting them from school.

All of our rooms within Nursery area are spacious and attractive environments, which allow the children to feel safe and secure.

Daisy Room

Pupils enter the Daisy Room the term after they turn two years of age.

Sunflower Room

Pupils enter the Sunflower Room the term that they turn three years of age until the academic year they turn four.

Bluebell Room

The pupils in the Bluebell Room are for children who are four during the academic year.

Our Nursery has four large free flow areas:

Front room

In the large front room children choose from lots of interesting activities.  There is a role play area where the children have the opportunity to engage in many different role play situations including; a fairy tale castle, supermarket, dentist, hairdressers and many different countries from around the world.

There is a variety of construction and building equipment, lots of small world characters and play sets and the computer with interesting programmes to select and play. There is also a mark making area for the children to develop their early writing skills. Here the children can participate in language enrichment activities such as tracings, sound booklets, sound pairs games, jigsaws and writing cards which are readily available for the children to choose independently or to complete with a member of staff.

Middle room

In our middle room there are lots of lovely storybooks for your child to look at and read. There are beanbags and cushions to allow children to relax and have some ‘quiet time’.  In this room we also have our mathematics area. Children are encouraged to solve practical problems and activities using a variety of mathematical equipment, both independently as well as with a member of staff. There are lots of number matching activities, shapes, measuring and weighing equipment.

We also have our snack area here. Children may come and have a drink of water or milk and enjoy a snack with their friends.

Conservatory area

Many exciting activities take place within this area of the Nursery. Painting, sewing, baking, collage, clay modelling and drawing are just a few of the extensive activities that are on offer. There is a collage and modelling area where children can access a variety of materials to create and construct. The painting and chalking area is always very popular. There is a malleable area where children can choose from a range of resources including; play dough, clay, pasta, shaving foam and rice. A variety of toys are used within the sand and water to help the children explore and develop many skills within the different areas of learning.

The Daisy Room & Sunflower Room

The Daisy Room is a brightly coloured area where the very youngest of our Nursery pupils can learn and play. It is an enclosed secure unit within the Mount and is supervised by Mrs Kenyon and well qualified nursery assistants. In this room we have a ratio of 1:4. The children engage in a variety of activities including, painting, chalk drawings, sand and water play, role play and can choose from a range of toys to support the development of childrens’ next steps. This area helps to build the confidence of our very youngest pupils who have just stepped on to the learning journey.

Children move to the Sunflower Room when they turn three. This again is a lovely bright coloured room which looks out onto our beautiful grounds. The children continue their learning journey with Mrs Kenyon and Mrs Nutty.

There are a variety of exciting resources and activities for the children to select from including; construction, roleplay, mark making, number games and activities and a lovely computer with lots of software for them to explore.

Enclosed Outdoor Play Area

The Nursery has the benefit of an outdoor play area which is fitted with a safety surface. Outside the children are able to have great fun playing inside the cottage or fairytale castle. We also have slides, a see–saw, and an outdoor picnic table.

The Nursery also has the use of a wonderful bright red train for the children to climb aboard, and a slide on which we have great fun. We enjoy using the  bikes, trikes, cars and prams, pushchairs and playing in the Wendy House. We have the use of two lovely wooden summer houses on the top playground along with the twirly noughts and crosses on the wall. There are some lovely games painted on the safe rubber play surface so we look forward to our
playtimes everyday.


Nursery has a French lesson for 20 minutes each week taught by Madame Watkins. They follow the Jolie Ronde scheme starting at Nursery up until Year 4. The Nursery course is called ‘La Ronde des petits’.